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What is Pandora X ? Is the question!

Pandora X is a software company that initially created a care management system that could deal with all the day-to-day operations of a mental health hospital. Whilst primarily created for healthcare, Pandora is a comprehensive system that can be applied across multiple sectors. Since inception, the system has progressed to include multiple modules that will be created as products to be branded and sold independently, and with additional modifications.


The system currently offers modules such as Patient Observation, Rota & Shift Management, Purchase Orders & Budget Management, Staff Management / HR, with further modules in varying stages of development. Below is an overview of the various products that are currently available within our systems.


Care Management System (for further information see section 1)

- EPR (Electronic Patient Records)

- Incident Reporting

- Observations and Seclusions

- HR - Rota Management

- Fingerprint Recognition

- Financial Matters

- Safety and Security

- Task Engine

- Android Application


HR Software

- Employee Profiles

- HR reporting

- Rota Management

- Supervisions

- Fingerprint Recognition


Task Engine Application

- Generates and tracks tasks assigned to yourself

- Generates and tracks assigned to others

- Available as an API to HR software for employee task tracking

- Android Application


Health and Safety Software

- Safety Drills

- Health and Safety Inspection

- Health and Safety Action Plans

- Incident Reporting


Financial Products

- Pandora Purchase Order System

- Document X- Invoice recognition software